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Looking for the 3rd post.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Obviously, I will have to stop counting my posts at some point but it is just a little incentive for me to “stay focused” and “remember” to get them done …. “a little ADHD here and I do have a good memory but it has been described as “short” (insert giggle). I am blogging from my motel room as I am teaching at Haroldine Wingfield”s lovely store in beautiful, Pitt Meadows, B.C. for the next couple of weeks and although we are not with them presently (Haroldine & Bob) we will be returning after we celebrate “July 4th” in this gracious, scenerific, little town on the ocean called Anacortes. Love, love it here. We will spend time with my good friend Linda, attending a parade, a party and then watch the fireworks this evening from Sarah’s house up on the hill. A “little holiday” tossed in with some wonderful work/sharing/giggling/inking/stamping & much more at Haroldine’s.

Haroldine Wingfield owns a store named “Be Creative”. She has owned and operated it for the past 19 years and each and every nook & cranny is stuffed FULL of lovely, stampingly creative, stuff. If you are ever in the Vancouver area, you NEED to seek her out. If you love to stamp and love to create this is a “destination spot” for you. I will be teaching 6 classes there over the next couple of weeks and I am looking forward to sharing with each and every one of her clients. Let the “ink fly” and the “stamps sing”.

In my last post I spoke (typed) of pages and cards from years back that have not lost any of their color intensity since the day I made them, even though they have have been subjected to fluorescent lighting for years on end as they were displayed in my family store for that long. The photo I am attaching to this post is one of those projects. The page is 10 years old and has lost no color intensity at all due to the fact it was created with “Clearsnap’s“, pigment line of ink. This classic style of pigment ink is one of the most lightfast inks on the market today. Choosing this style of ink allows you to create projects you can enjoy throughout your life and not feel the need to hide them in a book. Of course, you will want to protect them from direct sunlight as “she” (the sun) has the power to suck the color out of anything.

As you can see “back in the day” (what day and what does this really mean? (lol)) 10 years ago we were all heavy into “direct to paper”. This technique was made popular by the good folks at “Magenta” and is still one of the best background building techniques I know. My “stamp smoosh” and “smack down” techniques are derived from this idea and those of you who know me, know how much I use those. The stamps I used in the background are Magenta’s as well … the hydrangea, well I am not sure, and the “text technique” I found in a magazine way back then. If I was at home I could check both these out for you as I still have the stamp and the “article” I got the text idea from but because I am sitting in this cozy little motel room in lovely “Anacortes” that info will have to wait. The point of this particular blog …. get your pigment ink out and use it. I know you have this classic style ink in a drawer somewhere and even if you bought years ago, it will still be “good to go”. It may need re-inking but you should be able to get your hands on those. In Canada I know you can get them at Haroldine’s, “Be Creative” store in Pitt Meadow’s, Diane Baldwin’s store, “Scrapbook Central“, on Vancouver Island, Sandy Hobbs carries them thru her online store called “Scrapbooking Fanatics“, and Kathy at “Scrap & Bean” in Edmonton I believe has them too. Remember, your stamp pads are “the vehicle” and the re-inkers are “the gas for your vehicle”. Personally, I believe I would buy the re-inkers before the stamp pads … they mean (the re-inkers) that much to me in “my stamping life”.

With smiles and ink and “re-inkers”,